Monday, July 11, 2011


The first Blueberries actually arrived a couple days ago but.....I was a little lazy and haven't posted until now. But actually it's been feeling like summer out, and its been feeling like summer at the store too. It is busy! :)

I've got all sorts of updates and very few pictures. Picking Cucumbers are starting to arrive so make sure to call in to order if you're looking for 10lbs+.

If you're looking to make jam we have strawberry and raspberry flats available. Blueberry flats will be available in about 5 days. Spring strawberries are nearing the end of their season, this means softer and riper berries. Everbearing or Fall strawberries will be ready in about a month. Please call the store for current pricing as it changes on a regular basis. 604-852-0888

And last but not least, local corn, I know you've all been wondering. Right now, we are expecting it to be ready at the end of July.

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