Thursday, August 4, 2011

August + Sunshine = Corn!

Thats right! Local Corn is ready. Now don't be expecting big, huge cobs, it's still young and small because of the lack of sunshine but, it's ready and it's sweet! Give it a week or so and we'll see cobs the size you are used to seeing.

Besides corn, we've got tons of local fruit and veg arriving daily. I've been very busy the past couple weeks so I'll give you a big update finally.

Local Green Beans

Local Broccoli

Local Pickling Cukes

Okanagan Peaches

Rainier Cherries

Local Raspberries

Local Blueberries

Local Yellow Plums

Local Sweet Plums

Okanagan Apricots

Green and Yellow Beans

$1 Local Zuchinni

Local Snaptop Carrots

Local Bunch Beets

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